Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pattern Sighting

I'm in Chicago for the annual meeting of the Society of American Archivists (the hotel has wireless internet access, but Kevin may not be 100% finished preparing for the presentations he's giving over the next few days, so he needs the computer more then me! So I may or may not post much before we're hack home next week), and since I had yesterday afternoon free, I went on a little field trip to Loopy Yarns.

It was inches from the Harrison El stop (on the red line), which would have been very simple and straightforward except that I have a superhuman ability to walk out of the least convenient exit of any subway station, then turn in the wrong direction once I reach the street. It's a gift, and I try to use my powers for good, but it does mean that I make a lot of sudden u-turns in the middle of the sidewalk.

Once I backtracked to the store (in sight of the El), it was great: bright and organized, with a good selection and friendly sales people (the other woman who was shopping at the same time as me ended up exchanging phone numbers with the woman who helped her, when they discovered that one was starting the program the other graduated from). As I was checking out (I restrained myself on the yarn front, but bought some little bamboo DPNs for socks, and pretty beads for Hanami... what does it say about me that I had a crochet hook small enough to fit through beads in my possession already, and I barely crochet?), the salesperson gave me kind of a funny look, picked up a piece of paper from the counter, looked at it, looked at me, and then asked "Is this you?"

It was--they're going to knit Convertible for a store sample. Yay! And they asked me to sign the matter, which makes me giggle. (I finished the solstice socks yesterday, and expect to make miles of progress on my new socks today. Maybe I'll manage to take pictures?)


Annie said...

Hmm. I WAS going to do Leda's Dream first (with the Trenna), but now I'm inclined to go with Hanami. I actually got some yarn for Hanami, but it's definitely sport weight, rather than lace weight, so I'll have to re-jig the pattern a little. The color was perfect, though--it's Lisa Souza's Baby Alpaca/Silk in Mother of Pearl, which is an amazing color.

You've inspired me!! (I'm also going to go practice my own super powers now. I'm sure I have many.)

jennsquared said...

Isn't Loopy great? I love that store! That's so awesome about the whole convertable thing! :) I think I would have giggled too if I were you!

Baby Beth said...

You're famous. You'll have to face the fact someday and start beating off your groupies with a set of needles when they get too rowdy.

Lolly said...

I was so happy to meet you today, Rebecca! My schedule never really settled for any knitting tonight... maybe tomorrow? I hope you are enjoying it here. I love this city! Maybe we should start planning now for an SAA knit night 2008? :)

Katy said...

OMG Beth is right you really are famous!! "I knew her back when..."t

nova said...

You took the El! I should have taken the El! That was a very Chicago thing to do. That was a fun shop, and it was really great to meet you in person last week!