Friday, August 10, 2007

Sweater Smidge is Growing

It's amazing how much progress you can make during lunches, breaks, and walks!

BSJ progress

It's actually a tiny bit bigger now--I've finished the ball of yarn that's in this picture, and just joined by second skein. I'm past the halfway point in the directions though, so I think I'll have enough yarn. And I'm going to a presentation this afternoon (in the lecture hall which makes everyone sleepy), so I should get to work on it a little bit more.
I'm still working on the turtle, but didn't get to take a picture this morning. I've made 3 attached hexagons, which was much faster and more fun than I expected. It looks pretty much like this:

Now I have to decide/figure out how to make the rest of the shell. I'm wondering whether increasing at the inside points (along the sides) will be enough to fill in the indentations, or if I'll need to do something more complicated.

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