Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Owly Xmas

yarma by rehatcher
Hey, look! I made an owl!  (And then I gave it to my niece for Christmas, since her nursery has an owl theme.)

My resistance to crochet has been weakening--I made some baskets last spring, then a rug from cut up t-shirts, and then I crocheted some edging for a shawl... so as Christmas approached, it was only a matter of time before I made Fresh Stitches' adorable Nelson. I bought a kit, since I didn't have any eye or foot colors, and didn't want to have much left over. 

My youngest niece was a little more restrained about Nelson than her older sisters were about their gifts (they greeted us at their front door with a cry of PRESENTS!!), but I'm sure she's saving that for when she can walk and talk. 

There are lots of other presents I should blog: many pairs of socks, two (sewn) princess dresses (for the PRESENTS!! nieces), slippers, a hat, two scarves, and a (sewn) bag for quilting supplies.  I think that's it... although if I'm forgetting something, it's certainly better to forget that I made a present than to forget to make it in the first place!