Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'm not sure where all my knitting time has gone. I'm back to working at work full time, I'm rowing a lot, and sewing some, but none of those things seem like they take up enough time to have eaten up all the knitting time I feel like I'm missing.

And that I empirically am missing, based on the dramatic drop in my yarn mileage consumption!

It doesn't help that my current projects are slogs: a laceweight clapotis and a blanket for Schaefer Yarn.

It especially doesn't help that this is my second attempt at a blanket from this yarn. Attempt #1 included big triangular blocks, and didn't work out. This time, I'm using the yarns in pairs (there are four different yarn bases, in three colors), to transition from nearly-solid green at one end to nearly solid purple at the other. I'm finally into the final purple section, and it looks like it worked out much better. As a bonus, this pattern will be much easier to write up!