Monday, August 27, 2007

Sock Progress

You'll notice over on the right there that I'm actually signed up for the next round of the sock a month KAL, and that the end of the month is fast approaching. Fortunately, the end of the sock is fast approaching too:

Solstice Slip Socks

And I've made a bit of progress since taking this picture--I'm about to turn the heel.

You know, I think I make my socks shorter than other knitters (or at least short compared to my foot length). When I fold my socks in half at the heel, my cuffs tend to be a couple of inches shorter than the foot--they only reach to the end of the toe increases (assuming a toe-up sock), even with ribs.

I don't think it's because I'm impatient to be done and/or lazy about knitting long cuffs, just that going further up the calf seems to raise the chances that socks will fall down, increase the amount of fabric that's available to bunch around the ankle, and not improve anything. At least--not for me, since I don't think my calves are usually cold (not that I can remember what does get cold, since it's summer).

Yet another handy case where my possible laziness and apparent preferences coincide to make things easier for me (or where my laziness is so all-encompassing and embedded that it convinces the rest of me that the easier option is better... but wouldn't that be a lot of work?).

Speaking of getting cold, by neck definitely does get cold, and this will come in handy as human caulk.

TdF Scarf & Vespa

You can just barely tell from this picture that there's a second lace border on my Tour de France scarf, and that it's semi-blocked, at last!


jennsquared said...

I love the TdF Scarf!

I think you should joined the Secret of Stole too :)

Baby Beth said...

Vespy seems to have multiple uses. It's definitely a good backdrop for your knitting. The scarf looks great.

missalicefaye said...

I make my socks on the short side, too, but I'm afraid I can only attribute my methods to laziness, not logic. :)

Marianne said...

The scarf looks great !
You are right about the height of your socks, longer is not better !
The colors are very nice, bright and happy !

Arianwen said...

I love the scarf very nice. Yes the scarf is from weekend knitting it is the 3rd on I have made. I don't think I will be making another it was quite slow going.