Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Solstice Slip Sock

All appearances to the contrary, I didn't take this against a black background--it's just the flash.

Solstice Slip Sock

In addition to the unphotographed fish (made entirely of ruffles!), this sock is the main thing I'm working on. It's basically the Solstice Slip Socks from the June STR sock club (I figured I should at least start before the next shipment arrived!), although I'm doing my usual figure-eight cast on toe and short row heel.

And yes, it is just about as bright as it looks in this picture--good thing it's a sock. I'm expecting to make great progress on the sock and its mate next week, when I'm at the archivists' annual conference. Good thing too, since I've signed up for the next Sock a Month KAL, and these are meant to be my August socks!

As usual, I'm way behind on photographs: I have some great new yarn from Schaefer Yarn that they sent me to play with (with the idea, of course, that playing will turn it into a sweater). And I brought my Mystery Stole and the Tour de France scarf to work, in hopes that I could convince Kevin to take a picture of them at lunch, but that didn't happen.

It hasn't been the most coordinated day--someone broke the driver's side window of our car last night, in order to take our beloved GPS/navigation system thingy. Which we've always put into the glove compartment, except that we were frazzled the last time we parked the car and forgot. We wanted to fix it right away, which meant that we had to leave work to drop off and to pick the car, so it didn't seem like the best day to take the entire alloted lunch hour for a photography session.

It's annoying, but fine, since it's covered by our insurance (incredibly, we picked a policy with no deductible for glass, since broken glass is the only time I used my alarmingly expensive Massachusetts insurance). BUT we need to remember to get directions before we set out, at least till we get a new one.

The sad news (for the thief) is that s/he left the power cord behind, dramatically reducing the resale value (I assume), especially since I believe the battery was just about dead. Ha!


Karen said...

Yeah, it is bright, isn't it? Especially against the faux black background. It's so pretty though!! I agree, bright works best on socks. :)

jennsquared said...

Sorry about your Nigel (GPS)! Unfortunately, the thief can easier buy the power cord...