Friday, August 17, 2007

Unravel Me

I have officially started yet another turtle... the one I talked about yesterday, with the overall texture. And I unraveled the pointy turtle to use that yarn, even though it showed some promise as a tam or beret. (The current turtle is more of a toque/ski hat.)

Ravelry Pin

I'm distracting you from the lack of turtle pictures with substitute pictures: the pin is a gift from knitting friend Annie, who met Jess and Casey at the Yarn Harlot's Massachusetts reading, and sent this to me (and has doubtless been wondering when I was going to say thank you... Thanks!)

Slanting Lace Scarf

And this one is also Ravelry-related. Last winter I made this a scarf for Schaefer Yarns, but wasn't sure what they planned do do with it. Then a couple of weeks ago when I got a message from volunteer editor Smurf/Alison, asking about the details of the pattern. It turns out that it's in the current issue of Knit n' Style. Yay!

The scarf is an eyelet lace, knit on the bias. It's an easy knit, but I think the fabric is really satisfying, and the bias helps prevent pooling. Too bad you can't really see it in this picture, and since I sent it to them pre-blog, I didn't take any for myself... because I'm such a reliable photographer!

And speaking of what a lazy photographer I am, I'm also a lazy model. I've worn handknit sweaters to work nearly every day this week, planning to make Kevin take pictures of me at lunch so I could add them to Ravelry. Have we taken a single photo? No. Although it's not yet lunchtime today, so there's still a chance!

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Debby said...

Congratulations on Knit N Style! If you don't mind my asking, would that pattern work for curly mohair? I bought some of that for a scarf present today, and it's hand-dyed, so I'd like to prevent pooling if possible.

I hope Turtle 3.0 is the winner!

Bike racing and bike riding tomorrow. Hope you have a good weekend too, biking, running, or Vespa-ing!