Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Speedy Update

In the form of a list:

1. Kevin remembered his shoes for the run portion of his triathlon this weekend.

2. This is a good things because I reached a new low in my career as a bad spectator. I watched the swim start, and even yelled "Go Kevin!" audibly during Kevin's first transition, but then I never saw him again. My friend Molly came over from Maine to watch with me, and he was just slightly faster than I expected, so he biked past our viewing area before we got there. But of course we didn't know that so we waited and waited, getting more and more nervous (Where could he be?? How many flat tires could one bike get in 56 miles??!). When we gave up, I wanted to go back to the transition area to make sure he'd started running (that is, make sure his bike was there and his running stuff was gone), which meant that I didn't see him finish, although Molly did. Then I couldn't find him in the finish area either. We did finally find each other back at the car.

3. Fortunately, the race went really well (and he was speedier than ever before in a half IM), so he wasn't too upset.

4. We will make a better plan so I can actually see him at his next races.

5. I finished my Mystery Stole!

6. And blocked it on the bed at our hotel! (pictures later!)

7. I have abandoned the turtle in favor of a fish, and it's going much better.

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