Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sleep with the Fishes

Without the Mystery Stole to work on, I'm making great progress on everything else.


And I've finished the fish! Ruffles! Bobbles for eyes! I've been swimming it around the apartment since dinner, so I think Kevin is pretty impatient for me to wrap it up and send it off to Schaefer Yarns.

And I finally made it to yoga this morning... the trouble with tri training is that ever when you one workout, you feel guilty for not doing other workouts. Or, at least you do if you're me. So even though we've been doing all kinds of biking and running, I've felt guilty every day there's yoga for not going. I suspect my arms and abs will be sore tomorrow.

We're also trying to run hills more, because it looks like we're going to go to Lima, Peru in October (for work! Boy, was library school the right decision!). Knock wood as you read this, because it's the same project I was going to go to Sierra Leone for, and I never got anywhere near Africa. But Peru looks more likely. This relates to hills because we're going to stay for a week after the meetings are over, to do some running near Machu Picchu and Cusco. So we need to run hills, which we basically haven't been doing because Kevin's tri and my marathon are flat. And I hate hills... but Machu Picchu!

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Annie said...

I love the fish! Are there baby fish to match?? Just kidding, although my nieces always loved any soft toy that came with 'babies'.