Sunday, August 12, 2007


Earlier in the week (after a particularly hilly and whiny bike ride), Kevin and I started thinking about getting a scooter for me to ride while he bikes. So yesterday morning, we went up to northwester CT for a triathlon, and stopped at Vespa Hartford on the way home. We'd planned to just test ride a scooter (there's a dealer in New Haven too, but they don't have the space for test drives), but they were really helpful and I liked the plum and it was a 2006 model and they were already delivering one near here already... so we bought it.

Vespa in the Park

It's a Vespa LX50, so it has a top speed of 40 mph, so the state of CT considers it a moped, not a motorcycle. Which means we can't go on the highway (which we didn't want to do anyway--Kevin doesn't bike on the highway, and 40 mph is already twice as fast as he's going to go on a bicycle), and that we didn't need to get a motorcycle license (or register it... so no DMV!).

Vroom, vroom!

The other thing we're planning to do is use it to get around town. It'll be easier to park than a car AND gets between 80 and 100 miles per gallon. We already drove it to a barbecue and Ikea (for frozen yogurt... we tried to get Italian ice but the line was too long) last night and to knitting and the grocery store today.

We've already learned it's not the most subtle mode of transportation ever. We were quite a hit among the little boys at the barbecue last night (and their parents too), and I had an extensive conversation with a random passerby about it while Kevin was in the store this afternoon. And I'm even more certain than usual that everyone is staring at us as we go by.


Marla said...

It's very cute! Vespa's are so practical for downtown. Good luck with it.

Sunflowerfairy said...

This post made me smile.


Be careful!!

Baby Beth said...

Turns out that Miguel has already been looking at prices for a Vespa behind my back. But it's okay because he was looking for me--especially since I can't parallel park and having my own awesome little scooter would take away the need to learn. :)

amy [Knitty] said...

please tell me you have a:
1. helmet
2. proper footwear (boots that cover the ankle, or at least rubber-soled shoes that don't slip!)
3. denim that goes all the way down to your footies
4. a protective jacket

cause you need 'em. you gotta be safe!

and now that the PSA portion of this comment is out of the way, woot on getting a blog and megawoot on the vespa!

i suggest the houndstooth for a daring plum model, if you ask me.