Monday, August 6, 2007

Tour de France Scarf Finished!

But not in this picture! (Please ignore my hair, squint and overall funny expression. Look at the scarf!)

TdF Scarf

Even though I was a terribly TdF blogger, I did keep chugging away on this scarf pretty steadily though the 3 weeks of the tour. But apparently I didn't actually want the tour to end, because I stalled for over a week with only the second border to knit. In my defense, I needed my whole brain to knit the border pattern (unlike every other lace pattern I've tried, this one didn't seem to have any kind of rhythm or logic, and I needed to rely entirely on counting and remembering where I was... and the pattern is 24 lines long), and made me tense and cranky.

I worked on it a little bit Saturday, and finished it up last night. Kevin's not used to how much I needed to pay attention to it (remember that I can usually knit while walking and reading, as well as the usual talking, listening to podcasts and watching TV), so he didn't quite believe me when I said I wouldn't be able to talk while working on it, but it's completely true. Every time I opened my mouth (even between rows) I lost my place and had to count stitches to figure out where I was again. At least I didn't need total silence, and the TV could stay on.

I'm glad to be done though! Blocked shots (and that second end) soon. Maybe.

To rest my brain, I cast on for a nice simple baby surprise jacket this morning as my "break and walking to work" project. (Although I'd never think to construct a jacket this way in a million years, the knitting itself is straightforward--all garter stitch, with regular decreases and increases.)

I have just a tiny bit done so far. (I sent this picture sent directly from my phone to Flickr... it's like I've finally entered the 21st century, huh?)

BSJ beginnings

Just a little smidge of a sweater so far, and I'm not sure if I'll have enough yarn (it's my own handspun, and the ball there is about half of what I have). I may be visiting one of my many friends with a new baby in a couple of weeks, and if it works out (and is finished, and seems like it might fit come fall, etc...), it may be a present.

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Meg said...

Bravo on crossing the finish line! I think you deserve a croissant!