Wednesday, August 8, 2007


So, I've been trying to design a stuffed turtle for Schaefer Yarns, and the shell has been uncooperative.


Ignoring the fact that this is a little too pointy on top, does this look at all turtle-y?

What if it had feet? A head?


jennsquared said...

I think that looks alright... It is a little too pointy, but the rest looks pretty cool! I was thinking maybe use the technique like making hats? Also, have you thought of crocheting it? It might be easier... Of course, if Schaefer's want you only do knitting...

Annie said...

It certainly gets the shell shape (minus the point). But what if you did it in stockinette with some kind of wandering purl lines or mini-cables to mimic the shell patterns--you know, kind of mosaic-y?

knitseashore said...

Congratulations on finishing your TdF scarf! I just caught up on your posts, and wow, you had/have a lot of projects going on at once there.

I do think you have the shell shape of the turtle; what about doing it in hexagons a la Knitting Nature, to get the pattern of the shell and avoid the problem with the point? Just a thought.

I still hope we can do a bike ride, though not in the heat (I'm a wimp). :)

meejies said...
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