Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Turtle, part II

Ok, so I see what you're saying about the hexagons (it does need to be knitting, so crocheting them is out), and I love the hex coat, so anything like that is really appealing. But my worry is that people would be put off by fussy knitting and/or fussy finishing. I have this great pattern for a stuffed sheep that I've never made because of my hatred of bobbles, for example. But do you think they wouldn't mind? That people who knit stuffed animals are expecting fuzzy finishing?

I've never made a knitted stuffed animal, so I'm not the best person to ask. I did sew several jointed teddy beards in elementary and middle school, and didn't mind all the pieces at the time... but now I haven't made one for nearly 20 years, in part because of all the pieces.

Wait! What about just 3 hexagons along the top, then the rest picked up and knitted down from there?


jennsquared said...

I like that idea! You got the hexagons representated and still not too many joining. I probably would have never make anything for someone that required 10 different join parts... But that's just me, I'm lazy :)

Andrea said...

I think you're right when you say that people who knit stuffed animals expect it to be lots of teeny bits and sewing together and piecing stuff... *shudder* It's what puts me off small pieces as well.

If you can make it any easier, I for one would love to see the result!

Annie said...

I like the idea of the three hexagons at the top very much. I had actually been thinking of some stitch pattern, that would create ridges or grids. I think even if they were rectangular, stuffing it into a shell shape might make them appear sort of turtle-like.

And I agree with Jenn and Andrea. I think toy people expect finishing work. I just made three little toys to use up some remnants from the Tulip sweater. They're adorable, but I promise you--they took as long to make as the whole sweater.

But turtles are so darn cute.

Annie said...

Oh, boy, I just had a semi-useful thought. What about just doing the shape in pure stockinette, and then applying the grid lines afterward--either something like duplicate stitch on top, or even--shudder--a crochet hook?

Debby said...

I've only made one knitted toy ever, and had 3 pieces to sew, and that was enough. So I vote with the others for the three hexagons and then knit down. (I have a pattern for a knitted sheep, with four separate knitted legs, and there's just no way I have time for that as a working girl).