Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Finished BSJ

It still needs buttons, but the baby surprise jacket is otherwise finished!

Finished BSJ

The yarn is my own handspun, 100% merino. It's not superwash, but the mom is a knitter and kind of crunchy-hippie-environmental (that's how I describe myself too--but she's better at it--so I mean that in the best possible way), so I'm hoping she won't mind too much. Or she can felt it on purpose and have a smaller jacket to wear sooner. I'm not quite sure how much yarn I used, because I use the bottom of a chair to wind my handspun off the bobbin, and I forget how big the chair is. But I love how the stripe-y-ness of the yarn worked in this pattern, and how the stripes on the fronts and sleeves are similar but not identical.

One day, I'll make either enough yarn to make an adult garment, or thin enough yarn to make lace or non-slipper socks. (It would help if I spun more regularly, huh?)


jennsquared said...

yeah... I want to see more of your yarn! Did you ever spun the roving from Farmhouse yet??? Because I want to see THAT! The color was gorgeous!

knitseashore said...

What a beautiful blue!

jessaloo said...

Becca!!! I FINALLY tracked down your blog! Aubrey looks fabulous in the sweater! (Although if you can believe it, it's already getting snug on her!) I've gotten tons of compliments on how beautiful it is. THANKYOU!!! When I have a moment, I'll snap a picture of her in it and send it your way. Happy holidays!