Saturday, August 4, 2007

Wedding Shawl Pictures

I brought the shawl I made for my wedding (last September) to visit the Yarn Harlot last night in Madison. She made a shawl for her wedding from the same book, and I'd felt silly commenting on it in her comments at the time... What does it say about my sense of weird that bringing the shawl to see her seemed nearly normal.

Anyway, I still lived in MA when I made it, so no one her had seen it before, or seen pictures of out wedding. We eloped to Iceland, without telling anyone but the 2 friends who witnessed our signatures on some documents (there were many documents). So here some are pictures--the rest are in Kevin's Flickr account.

This is the best close-up of the pattern, I swear. And, oh look! My ring!


Knitting Before the Ceremony


There are lots of sheep in Iceland. During the summer, they roam freely, eating whatever. In the fall, they get rounded up, sorted out, and driven back to their owners' farms. Along the highways, in some cases--here are some we passed on the way to the hotel where we got married.

Sheep Road Block

Conveniently, the Lopi outlet store (formerly the factory, although I think the factory has now moved to another town) was also on the way to the hotel where we got married. It's possible that I went twice. Here's the official Lopi vehicle.

Alafoss Car

The shawl is the Azalea design from the First Book of Modern Lace Knitting, and I used about 3 ounces of Zephyr wool-silk. I knit it in about 3 weeks (we decided to get married, planned the wedding, and got married in 3 weeks... BUT we'd been together for nearly 6 years, so it wasn't as sudden as that sounds!). We drive to Ohio and back during that time, so I got in a lot of good knitting then, but I couldn't knit in front of very many people because the wedding was a secret and it's so clearly a wedding shawl that it would have given everything away.


Annie said...

Iceland sounds totally wonderful today. I sort of realize that it's not a vast chunk of ice populated entirely by attractive blond people who name themselves after their mothers, but I'm going with that image today!

(oh, and a few of us MA folks did have a tiny inkling of your intentions when you began knitting white lace at a breakneck speed.)

Baby Beth said...

You look wonderful! I say kudos to eloping in Iceland. Maybe eloping should be mine and Miguel's choice as well. His mom might actually kill me if we did that, though. haha

Sunflowerfairy said...

AAWWW! You two look great!

I followed the link. It looks cold there. And like you guys had fun.

Thanks for the advice on the bind off. It worked perfect! You rock!!

Roobeedoo said...

Eloped to ICELAND?! Wow - that IS romantic and wonderful! Lovely shawl too!

jennsquared said...

your shawl is beautiful! I still yet need to start my stole for it...

Andrea said...

That's such a romantic way to get married - Iceland of all places! Your shawl is beautiful and matched how happy you both look.

I'm having a do over wedding in a year, so we'll see what I can knit up for then (I'd shaved my head for charity a month earlier. I look hideous).