Sunday, September 2, 2007

Knitting Together

This will be another speedy update--Kevin and I are in Ohio for his family reunion and the Canfield Fair, and we only have a few minutes before it's time to go eat again. (Truly--you cannot believe how much food we eat at the fair... we just about finish chewing one snack before we spot something else that looks interesting. And by interesting, I mean fried).

Anyway, lots of knitting at the archivists' conference. In addition to knitting in the sessions themselves, I ran into Lolly first thing on the first morning, and then I met up with her, Amy, and Nova to knit Friday night. In true knitting fashion, we meant to just knit for a little while, then ended up spending a couple of fun hours together--and we were spotted by other knitting archivists (including one who I think also talked to my supervisor about knitting, since my supervisor was also there, knitting during the sessions). Clearly, we need to arrange yarn field trip at the conference in San Francisco next year!

I finished my solstice slip socks (did I say that already?), knit one Pomatomus and one Pomatomus cuff, and started (in the evenings) Hanami.

And now, time to eat!


AmyArtisan said...

It was indeed fun to do some Friday Night Knitting with you & the others!

Lolly said...

Very nice to meet you, Rebecca! I love the fact that your supervisor is a knitter too - I wish I could say that :) Looking forward to many more archivist/knitter meetups!