Sunday, September 9, 2007

See, I Do Knit!

Every single month, I finish my Sock a Month socks in the last four hours on the month, and the blog is so slow while I'm trying to post about them that I accidentally post my post three or four times. On the last day of August, I left Kevin to baby sit the computer while it finished posting, and he posted the same post multiple times too.


The reason this is relevant is that, thanks to the archivists' meeting, I'm already done with my September socks, the Pomatomus socks from Knitty. I used some socks yarn I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, some a shop called the Barefoot Spinner, which I've never found online. She also had lovely roving, which I waffled over so long that it sold out. In any case, socks!

Now, if I can just manage to post them on the SAM KAL blog before September 30...

And here's my Coachella, speedily knit 2 weekends ago, and already worn twice (good thing too, since I like to imagine it's about to get cold. I'm more impatient that usual for fall, because I'm apparently running a marathon a week from today, and I'd rather it wasn't hot for that.)


Just to review, Coachella took EXACTLY one skein of Schaefer Yarns Laurel... there are 400 yards per skein, and I think this used 396 of them, maybe 397. It was close!

And speaking of apparently running a marathon in seven days: the last 2-3 weeks before a marathon, you're supposed to shorten your long runs (from 20 miles to 12-15, then to 6-8), and run a little easier overall, so you're rested for the race. During those weeks, I get incredibly paranoid about my feet and ankles--everything is a foot-related disaster waiting to happen. It's exhausting to worry so much, and by the time the race comes around it's a relief because it means I can stop worrying. Too bad running that far is exhausting too!

What's funny about this paranoia of mine is that earlier in the year--say, 8-10 weeks out from the race, when I'm doing the first of the 20 mile runs--what I want most in the world is to break an ankle, so I can skip that long run.


Anna said...

Love your Coachella!!! Lokks great on you!

And that last paragraph had me laughing out loud. I do hope you can keep your feet and ancles well this week.

jennsquared said...

That is gorgeous! Good luck with your marathon - just think of this - Peru, Peru, Peru - while you run :)