Thursday, September 27, 2007


One of my mom's friends has subscribed to Piecework for years, and just recently decided to get rid of her back issues... and gave them to my mom for me. She'd started her subscription with the very fist issue (in 1993, I believe... it's like reading about crafting on a distant planet... no internet! People had to write letters to the editor to make contact with other crafters! None of the ads have websites! There was no (visible) hand-dyed sock yarn!), and I think the set is pretty much complete.


There are 66 total, and I've been looking through them on and off for the past two days. I can't carry them back from DC on the train, but at the same time I want to read them all right this second, so I've been looking through them quickly and picking out the most knitting-intensive ones to bring home now (I'll pick up the rest at Thanksgiving).

This balances out the fact that I knit most of a sock yesterday (in the waterfall yarn from a couple of days ago--it's slightly heavy for a sock, so I'm using size 4 needles), only to decide I didn't like the eyelets. Here it is anyway, although only the toe still exists:

Upstream Sock

It's the upstream architecture from New Pathways for Sock Knitters, and I was very excited that I was using a colorway called waterfall to knit a socks with a whirlpool toe, upstream construction, and there was something else water-y which I've just forgotten. Oh yes--she calls having YOs for increases (instead of a more invisible increase) bubbles. (Ok, maybe the whole water thing was only amusing to me?) But I didn't like how the eyelets just ended (when you didn't need to increase any longer), and the foot felt slightly short anyway... so I ripped it out, and am starting over with Coriolis construction.

Since I think this trip to Peru will be the first time I've been in the southern hemisphere, Coriolis seemed geekily appropriate. (I'm not sure because it's possible that when I went to Singapore the plane flew over/into the southern hemisphere--It was coming from Europe, but flight paths are so weird.)


Sunflowerfairy said...

My mother's friends never give me cool stuff like that!!

Maybe you can mail them back to you, if Thanksgiving seems too far away? I know that it's discounted for media mail. Send them to my house, if you'd like. I know Peru is coming up.

Make sure to post photos of the wedding, ok?

We missed you last night.

Annie said...

Color me green. If your Schaefer connection wasn't enough, now there's the Piecework collection. I just started getting Piecework a couple of months ago--a gift from my sister (I knew if I left it on my Amazon wishlist for long enough, it would happen). I think I actually prefer it to the knitting magazines now. I love all those historical articles. Have fun with it!