Thursday, September 6, 2007

2 Repeats

At long last, here's my progress so far on Hanami: 2 repeats of the basket weave end.

2 Repeats

I'm using Schaefer's Andrea, in the colorway Lillian Gilbreth (this is the one that looks like an antique cream when knit up in this pattern, even though it was clearly pale green, blue and yellow in the skein). I'm using a size 3 needle, since it's the same yarn I used for my Argosy earlier this year, and that seemed too loose on a size 4, after blocking. This is the same size I used my my Mystery Stole, and I'm using a 2 (2.75mm) for my socks, so the size 6 needles I started swatching with just now feel gigantic.

Speaking of socks, here's Pomatomus:

Red Sock, Blue Sock

Or rather, here Pomatomus was, as of last week. I've finished this one, and am currently turning the heel of the second. I love pictures on other people's blogs--you'd think I'd be better about taking them for mine!


owl knits said...

First, thank you for your very nice comment on my blog. I appreciate it!

Next, keep posting about the Hanami stole. I'm fascinated by the design, but have too many things OTN right now to even think about starting it, but it is such a beautiful piece. I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

Kim U said...

I didn't know there was a Lillian Gilbreth colorway until I saw it here! It's really interesting that it knits up differently than it looks in the skein. Looks great in Hanami too.