Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fried Green Beans

So, here are most of the photos of the food Kevin and I ate at the fair... although I'm pretty sure I also had a root beer float and frozen, chocolate-covered banana, and that he also ate a corn dog (and a second sausage sandwich.... I think Kevin may be choosing photo quality over documentary integrity!). Don't forget that this was actually two visits--from 7 to 10 one night and from 9:30 to 1 the next day... a timespan in which we could have legitimately eaten three meals.

Fried Green Beans

Kevin's gone to this fair every year for 37 years (including before he was born, since his birthday is in October), his mom's gone every year of her life (she grew up in Canfield), and his dad has gone every year since his parents met... so one of the key areas of interest is new food. Fried green beans were new this year, and it turn out that they're very tasty. (Unlike the tragic disappointment of the fried Oreos, from which I have still not recovered... how can fried Oreos possibly be mediocre, rather than life-alteringly delicious?!? I fully expected to set myself up to crave them 363 days a year, and eat them non-stop for the remaining two, for the rest of my life.)

What's really fascinating about this fair it the attendance. Over 6 days, about 350,000 people attended... in a town of just over 7,000 people.


jennsquared said...

I am pondering about that myself... I mean, FRIED ice cream is so delicious! How can Friend Oreo not be good? ODD!

ikkinlala said...

The fried green beans look surprisingly tasty.

Karen said...

Romeo & Joe's on Orange Street (now Romeo & somebody else's) used to have fried asparagus that looked a lot like those stringbeans. My dip of choice was hot sauce, though -- not something creamy. Mmm, fried stuff.

Another favo(u)rite is the deep-fried Toffee Crisp at A Salt & Battery. Next time I'm getting the Beltbuster, a deep-fried chocolate sandwich served a la mode.

Baby Beth said...

I love fried green beans!!