Friday, September 14, 2007

Thanks Sarah!

So, the New Haven SnBers (or as Kevin likes to call them, my Knitties) have been trying to coordinate an order of Zephyr lace weight from Sarah's Yarns, because if you order more than 4 cones (of only 5000+ yards each!), there's a discount. Heidi did most of the work, but we decided that I'd be the one to place the order.

After many emails, we picked out the colors we all liked, but when I went to the website it turned out that 2 of them were out of stock. I called, and their voicemail said they weren't answering their phone during Rosh Hashanah, but would still respond to email and fulfill orders. So I emailed--and heard back within a couple of minutes. The Knitties had some more questions, and every time "Sarah" (not actually Sarah, but whoever checks the email) responded immediately--once I read her message, responded with a question, then forwarded her first message on to everyone. By the time I got back to my inbox after forwarding the message, she'd already replied. Pretty impressive, especially for days when they said they'd be somewhat out of contact. So thanks Sarah, and for letting us have the discount even on the out of stock colors!

In other news, I worked on my cobblestone-ish pullover during lunch today--and realized I'm making great progress.

More purple in real life!

I'm just about 2/3 of the way through the first skein (I have three, with 350 yards each--this is the silk blend from Farmhouse Yarns), and I think it will be enough to finish the body, to the point where I join the arms. The yoke on a seamless sweater always takes more yarn than I think I should, but I still think three skeins will be enough for the whole sweater--the sleeves shouldn't take as much as the lower body, so that will leave more than one skein for the yoke. Or so I like to tell myself (I'll take off the lower sleeves, pick up those stitches and knit new cuffs, then use the rescued yarn for the yoke, if I'm wrong).


Minnesota Mazzio's said...

Hey there. I am so excited I won the yarn and thanks for the nice words on my sweater....


Baby Beth said...

The sweater is looking great so far! And that's so weird that they won't answer the phone but would e-mail on Rosh Hashana. Oh well, at least you guys placed the order!