Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I'm still waffling about how to close the jacket. I really liked Gale's idea about toggles and i-cord loops--I keep thinking of those button closures on internal mail envelopes (the ones with a button on the flap and one on the envelope and the little string you wind around the buttons). If I found the right buttons (and lived through the i-cord), I wonder if that would work? or maybe crocheted cord, if I-cord would be too thick?

Buttons are kind of a theme lately, for some reason. My mother-in-law gave me two ceramic buttons for Christmas, and by chance one of them matches my piCardi and the other my Garnstudio Jacket (good thing too--I'm using a hair accessory to keep the jacket closed in that picture!).

But I don't want to take them away from where they match so well, and besides the wrap jacket is a different kind of gray. A while a go I made some buttons out of Sculpey. They weren't perfect, but that might be fun to try again. Or maybe the Internets has something? (although I hate to buy buttons without knowing whether the idea will even work--I'd need two, which might make that side of the jacket heavy).

Anyway. Still thinking about that, obviously.

The blue blob grows apace--I finished the darker blue yarn from yesterday and decided to use the tweedy brown/blue/purple yarn next. Of course after I'd knit about half of that I thought how fun it would have been to switch yarns gradually, alternating skeins to soften the color change (knitting 2 rows/1 ridge of the second color before the first was completely used up, then working ridges in alternate colors till the first yarn was used up, eventually finishing up the first and continuing with only the second). Maybe next time!

And I borrowed EZ's Knitting Almanac and Knitting Without Tears from my friendly local knitting library. I know I read KWT about 18 months ago, and I'm pretty sure I've read the Knitter's Almanac too (possibly when I was in middle school?), but this time I really just want to play around with the instructions/notes. Oddly, I'm especially interested in the re-footable socks.


Sunflowerfairy said...

I plead the fifth. You can not prove that my library is any larger than yours, missy.

Besides, Dave thinks that's our retirement egg nest.

Silly man, like I'd ever sell any of them.

Sunflowerfairy said...

Oh! Forgot to add, talk to Katy. She bought this little crochet hook as a closure for one of her sweaters at the Yarn Garden a couple of weeks ago. Very, very cute.

bookwoman said...

As someone who hates doing button bands and button holes, I love your idea of the button/string closure. Could be really interesting.

And I just got my own copy of Knitters Almanac and have been having a lot of fun planning. Interesting stuff there.

MarieGrace said...

I love toggle buttons. I'm fond of buttons but not button holes so I vote for toggles and loops.