Monday, January 7, 2008

A Quandary

Here's part (the boring part, admittedly) of the wrap sweater I've been doodling.

See? Boring!

I finished the body with a simple turned up hem--I knit to the length I wanted, purled a row on the wrong side, knit some more, then bound off and sewed the hem inside. I'd planned all along to do something more interesting on the cuffs, but nothing really spoke to me, so once the first one was long enough (about 3/4 length, to conserve yarn and because I always push up my sleeves anyway), I worked 3 inches of seed stitch. I tried just binding off, but it looked funny, so I worked a purl row, then a facing, and sewed it down.

It turns out that it's amazing! The yarn is squishy and the variegation works really well with seed stitch. I'm definitely doing that on the front edges (I was planning to have the cuffs and front edges the same all along). I'm leaning towards seed stitch for the ties, although I hate knitting narrow strips more than anything, so I may try i-cord or fabric first (if I can find good fabric).

But there's just one problem: I think I might also want this edging on the lower edge (and if I did that I'd lengthen the body a smidge too)... but the yarn doesn't really stand up to ripping, and I'm kind of lazy--I'm not crazy about reworking the lower edge. Especially since I'm not quite sure (and if it turns out I don't like the seed stitch, that's another round of ripping, since I don't think I have enough not to reuse what I rip).

So I've been thinking hard about this as I've worked on the second sleeve. And since I'm working on the cuff now, I'll have to decide soon!

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jennsquared said...

I love the seed stitch on that! So pretty. I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it.