Thursday, January 10, 2008

From Depths of My Cell Phone

In the absence of anything both new and photogenic, I present a recent cell phone discovery: a sweater I designed for Schaefer in May 2006.

Very Red!

At the time, it seemed insanely bright, but in retrospect (or through the intervention of the cell phone camera), it seems much more restrained. I still probably wouldn't make one for myself in this color combo, but that's definitely me: on top of the red thing, I wear stripes so infrequently that when I do I announce it to Kevin periodically throughout the day ("Kevin! Stripes! Stripes are sporty!" Poor Kevin.) So he probably doesn't want me to make this either.

Without taking any photographic evidence, I decided to block the wrap cardigan from a couple of days ago (after I finished the second sleeve), to see how long it would really be, and what the sees stitch and non-seed stitch hems would look like post block. Plus, blocking gave me time to think about whether to redo the lower hem in seed stitch without feeling like I should just pick one and do it already.

Blocked, it turned out that I liked the plain hem too, and think it's a better option for me (and probably most other people too, since the seed stitch hems attract the eye and add a little volume--not what anyone wants for their hips). So I picked up a million stitches around the fronts and neck, and got started on that hem (which will be seed stitch).

Two rows of a million stitches each made me want to start something new, so I swatched some of my blue/purple handspun. I even blocked my swatch! I think I have about 350-375 yards, so I'm thinking about a vest. I like Garnstudio #102-11 which has a shawl collar and belt (and which might very well be terrible on me, now that I look at it again). But I don't think I have nearly enought yarn, so I may just make up a standard vest shape. Or something... I haven't decided yet.


Sunflowerfairy said...

The shape of the very red sweater is pretty. I'm not too crazy about stripes myself, but I think this one is pretty.

You could totally carry the vest too. I would look like a hunched over mouse wearing an elephant's sweater in it. (I'm so jealous of tall people.)

jennsquared said...

I love the shape of the red sweater, however, I will probably make it solid instead of the stripy colors.

If your handspun is bulky, You can always make the Rebecca Vest #13,847 :P

Baby Beth said...

That vest is awesome! I say go for it. And I totally love that red sweater. I think the stripes look great and the shaping is amazing. Everything should be made in that shape. It's so flattering on basically everyone! Good job. :)