Thursday, January 24, 2008

Low Tech

So it turns out that holding the other needle in my knee works better than the clamp, mostly b/c it's easier to turn--no unclamping needed, I just unbend my leg. And it means I can knit on the couch.

This is the beginning of the wreath from Felt Forward (the yarn and book were part of my xmas knitting loot). Someday, it will look like this:


missalicefaye said...

I admire your knitting dedication. :) Hope your arm is mending well!

Annie said...

This is reminding me of those knitting belts that the old Scots ladies wore (or the young Scots ladies in days of old), where one long needle is anchored in the belt, and knitting is done essentially one handed.

And they managed lace scarves!! go for it, Rebecca!

bookwoman said...

Great workaround.

And capital letters today. Congratulations.

Cindy G said...