Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Little-known Side Effect

I usually try have just 2 or 3 projects going at a time--it's enough that I can switch when I get bored, but not so many that I never finish anything (and that includes everything--I don't have any long-term UFOs). But apparently startitis is a side effect of broken bones, because I suddenly have more works-in-progress than usual:

1. The sock from the video, using the Spunky Eclectic yarn I nearly used for the chevron scarf (started 2 days ago). It's plain stockinette stitch, except for the ribs. If I somehow get to the heel before my splint is off, it will have an afterthought heel since a heel seems too fiddly.

2. A vest for me from my handspun (started before the hand incident). I thought I'd just set this aside, but I've done the armhole shaping one handed. I'm not so sure about sewing the shoulders together or finishing the neck and arms. Not that the stitch pattern shows here, but there are ribs on the lower body and ridges one the upper body.

3. The harvest gold blob from last week, which is the base of a felted wreath (started 1/23, because it seemed easy).

4. A secret thingy, for a present (started 1/22, because it seemed easy).

5. The red/orange Heather socks (started 1/2, currently on hold because the yarn/needle/pattern/broken hand combo seems like a recipe for disaster).

6. Swatches for a sweater for Schaefer (pre-hand, currently on hold because my gauge is wacky).

OK, maybe it's not SO many, but it's twice or three times what I'd usually have, and most of them are going to reach a point where they need to wait till I have my hand back, so I'll just have to cast on more projects. Which will mean millions of FOs in quick succession once I can finish things... won't that be exciting?

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Baby Beth said...

What's an afterthought heel? I also see things about an afterthought thumb in mittens...I don't get it.