Wednesday, January 23, 2008

no caps

so, i went to see the orthopedist later yesterday, and he doesn't want me to use my hand at all till the bones start to heal in the right place (well, he said i could button my clothes, but nothing else). so no knitting for that hand! but since i knit so weirdly, i think i can do it with just my left hand and a stationary needle... so i'm going to try clamping one needle to tables and desks and whatnot. i foresee many garter st rectangles in my future!

i'm especially obsessed with this because because i can't type with my right hand either either, so i'm home from work. one handed typing is also my excuse for abandoning capitalization.

i've tested spinning, and it works ok because i do the delicate parts of drafting with my left hand. my right hand just supports the rest of the roving and keeps it in place. so i can stack pillows in my lap to the height of my sling and rest my whole right forearm on top of the roving. it feels clumsy, but my left-handed mousing has improved dramatically since yesterday, and i bet this will too--muscles are a lot smarter than they seem.

what's really fun is showering--i have this vinyl cast cover thing (stylish, isn't it?). it's brilliant, but way too long (my splint doens't event reach my elbow), so there's a lot of extra vinyl flapping around. but isn't it amazing that these exist at all?

thanks so much for all your good wishes. impressively, it's never actually hurt. it was a little twinge-y before they put the splint on, and now it sometimes feels like it's been sitting in one place for too long (perhaps because it has?), but no actual pain. hurray, because i am a big wimp about imagining how much things will hurt!


jennsquared said...

It is very interesting that those vinyl things exist! I hate caps anyways so it is all good.

Take good care of your arm! Maybe we can come to your house for SnB to witness the new knitting and spinning techniqus. You never know, maybe you can patent it! :) (can you tell I'm an engineer that is always looking out for inventions?)

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

caps are OVER RATED anyway! So sorry about your injury. Maybe you can knit like the British who tuck the needle under their right armpit? Or the older Italian ladies who sort of stick a straight needle into their belly and knit onto it from the left?
Wishing you speedy healing-

Elizabeth said...

When I had carpal tunnel surgery, I found a lot of things were hard to manage one handed. Like washing your hands!

To shampoo in the shower, take a small cup, like you give kid's medicine or a shot glass, and pour a bit of shampoo in that. Then you can dump it on your head. Better than holding an open bottle above your head and guessing.

I became pretty good at one-handed computer stuff.

Instead of pushing a shopping cart in the store, pull it behind you. People stare, but it's easier to control.

Putting the car in gear is a bit of a struggle. I don't even want to think about driving manual shift.

Heal fast!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're doing ok and that you can still somewhat knit. :)

Cindy G said...

A Shetland style knitting belt? Good luck with whatever method you work out.