Friday, January 18, 2008

New Pattern on TGB

Work has been a flurry of activity lately, so all I want to do at home is knit garter stitch (not such a bad thing: I finished the blue shawl last night, and will try to take pictures over the weekend). But all that garter stitch does mean that I haven't been blogging in the evenings, so this isn't exactly new news. But, I wrote up the pattern for the shawl I made for Kevin's grandma, and it's now available on the Garter Belt.

Yarn: About 350 yards of sock yarn (I used Anne, from Schaefer Yarns)

Needle: US size 6

Size: 48 inches along the long side, 24 inches deep at the point

Price: $4

Also, if you want to buy the pattern, have an Etsy account, and would like to do me a favor, could you try to buy it through Etsy, here? I should have it set up right, but it feels like something is missing. And of course Etsy/Paypal won't let you buy from yourself, so I can't check (and I'll have to think of a new way to launder money, darn it!). It still costs $4. Merci buckets!

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jennsquared said...

That is pretty! Maybe I should make that shawl... hmmm... Too many things I want to make!