Monday, January 28, 2008

Higher Tech

A coworker, to whom I am eternally grateful because I really missed socks, sent Kevin home with her fly-tying pedestal vise. And we made a tiny movie.

Naturally, when he started filming me I immediately dropped a stitch, so I think I only knit one stitch total.

The doctor said this morning that my wrist looks good, but I still can't use that hand for typing or knitting (so no work till next week). I can, however, take off my fancy new removable splint to bathe. You have no idea how exciting that is!


jennsquared said...

So still no work huh? I can see why having a removable splint is exciting! I would want my arm wash too!

Anonymous said...

Wow...just, wow! :)

bookwoman said...

That is dedication.