Monday, December 3, 2007

Hatting and Socking

For the first time in I'm not sure how long, I stayed home! all! day! on Saturday. I wasn't out of the country, and I didn't go with Kevin to Massachusetts for his class. (Let me just mention how weird it is that I'm sometimes cranky about leaving the house to go with Kevin to MA: the reason I want to stay home is to knit. But I knit in the car the whole way there, then meet up with my friend Annie to knit at Webs, then I knit all the way home. There's no knitting on the short drive from dropping Kevin off on campus to Webs (since I'm the one driving), but other than that? Entirely knitting. Yet I'm still cranky as I leave the house. I do the same thing about knitting group sometimes, even though I love it once I get there. I've missed my calling by not being a hermit.)

Anyway. Saturday, I stayed home! And knit! I finished a small shawl which is going to be a present (which I've just noticed I haven't blogged about at all, oops). And I worked on these socks.

They're the Marigold Socks, from Flint Knits (who also inspired me to make my Garnstudio jacket). I'm using STR from one of the summer club shipments--the one whose intended sock pattern had a lacy cuff. I've warmed to the idea of slightly lacy socks, but I'm not quite ready for lacy cuffs (or non lacy cuffs, for that matter--it's the folding over that I'm not sure about). Since the picture, I've turned the heel and gotten maybe half way up the leg.

But I've put it on hold to work on more hats for charity (I can't resist the excitement of using up tiny little pieces of yarn!). And I've restarted a sweater I started designing for Schaefer an embarrassingly long time ago--it was on hold because I wasn't sure about the sleeves, but I've stared at them some more and decided that I like them after all.

Being home also meant that I fixed the waistband on a skirt that's been bugging me since last spring, and finally replaced the buttons on my winter coat (which spent 100% of last winter with 50% of its buttons missing).

It wasn't the most exciting weekend ever, but I definitely needed it. And now my coat will stay closed!


Kim U said...

I guess I need to join you in the "hermit club" - I totally get the allure of hanging out at home knitting. I like the marigold pattern with that colorway, been trying to figure out what to use my skein of it for - thanks for the idea!

jennsquared said...

Me too! Which is one of the reason why I don't make it to Sunday as often.

Love the color and the sock pattern!

Annie said...

Wait. Let me get this straight. Are you suggesting that I should NOT be knitting on my way out to WEBS? Just because I'm driving??That would really put a damper on my whole day.

On the other hand, the state troopers would probably be much happier. Reports of that zig-zagging black Forester would probably drop right off. :(

Elizabeth said...

I love staying home, too. My favorite is being home alone.

Sunflowerfairy said...

I get cranky going to SnB too! Then I'm there and you guys cheer me up. I love that.

Anyways, I want to make the drops jacket also but we have to be careful not to wear it on the same days, ok?

I'm also afraid that it's going to make my butt look big. Please tell me if it does.

No spinning at my house this week- Dave's company has their holiday par-tay Friday night.