Monday, December 17, 2007

Still Mad

A mad hatter, I mean.

Scrap Hats

I'm a little concerned that these are hats only a knitter would appreciate and that whoever gets them will wish they were less colorful. On the other hand, Kevin did say he liked the middle one (which is the one I'm most worried about, since it's the most crazily colored--I stared out with a bunch of greens, and I tried to transition to blue/purple, but I'm not sure it was a success. Do you think the red stands out too much?)

I wound myself some new scrap balls for hats (and then forgot to take pictures). There's a yellow and brown one (less crazy than it sounds, because it will be tweedy), a blue/green one, and a red one. I think the reds need another strand to be thick enough, so I'm going to knit it up with black (or that's the plan, at least)... which will also make it tweedy and not quite so bright.

And since this is the last week before Kevin and I set off on our holiday travels, I've been thinking a lot about which projects to bring. I like to imagine that I'll finish Kevin's unphotogenic gloves and my sister's slightly more photogenic sweater before we go (and I actually think that's realistic: I have .5 fingers and 2 thumbs to go on the gloves, and 5 inches of body and 2 short sleeves to go on the sweater... And I only started last week... no seaming on the sweater because it's a top-down raglan, and I've been weaving in the ends as I go on the gloves).

I want to bring my other sister's shawl/stole, and the Marigold socks--I set them aside for x-mas knitting and I think they're getting lonely. But besides that, I'm not sure. I'm leaning towards another pair of socks (or maybe the chevron scarf... I'm leaning towards the purple too), because I'm likely to finish the current socks and I'll need another mindless project (which the shawl is not). But if I bring the scarf, do I also want socks? What kind of swatching am I likely to want to do? Is it worth it to try writing up patterns in the car? What if I save writing for when Kevin's driving?


Annie said...

I think the middle hat sort of goes with everything--it'll be a popular choice. I'm imagining dozens of kids (kind of Oliver Twist like) grabbing wildly at all of your hats. Remember those Dulaan project photos from a year or two ago?

Enjoy your travels!

woodkate said...

Third hat is my favorite - its something my son would love! All pretty.

jennsquared said...

I love all of them! I love everything you make! :)