Monday, December 24, 2007

Two Presents

The 2007 edition of the Kevin and Rebecca Christmas Tour is well underway. Friday after work we drove to Ithaca to see my parents, my sister and her husband for a speed Christmas, then on Saturday night we continued on to Ohio for Christmas with Kevin's parents and both sides of his extended family.

We won't open most of our presents till later this morning morning, but I've already unloaded two knitted gifts: Anna's sweater and the shawl from a few posts ago, which was secretly intended for Kevin's grandma.

Anna is also wearing presents from my mom: a hat and scarf my mom made, and matching gloves she bought. In person, the gloves look like she borrowed them from cookie monster's teal cousin--Anna gets to wear fun winter accessories because she lives in tropical Washington DC, not the wintry arctic of New Haven. (Also, she drives to work instead of trudging through the frozen, poorly shoveled tundra.)

And here's Kevin's grandma in her new shawl. One of my grandmas taught me to knit, but I never made anything for her (oddly, it did not occur to me to give her any knitted dresses for toy mice, which was what I mostly knit at first... Perhaps all her toy mice already had dresses?).

Grandma G. was completely surprised that the shawl was actually for her, and wore it for the rest of the evening--which is the perfect response to a knitted present.

Merry Christmas!


jennsquared said...

Both presents look awesome! :) I'll be posting some soon - after we open them first :)

Sunflowerfairy said...


Merry Christmas, Rebecca.

Hope all is well.

Hugs to you and Kevin.

Karen said...

Merry Christmas! You visited two of my typical destinations - I went to college in Ithaca and my family lives in Cleveland. Now that we have kids of our own (and they are in school and we can't just go places any old time) we usually stay put for Christmas.

I loved your knitterly presents - and the comment about Cookie's teal colored cousin was priceless! My DMIL used to have a green rug in the utility room of their summer place that I always thought looked like it was made of Oscar the Grouch's fur - sadly it has been replaced.

Brooke said...

Rebecca, this is a quasi-random question, as the photo of the shawl in question was posted in august, but....your wedding shawl, azalea? You said you just kept going on the author's pattern. Did you make any other modifications? How much/which yarn did you use? Your's doesn't look like the one in the book. Thank you for your time!