Thursday, December 13, 2007


I'm trying to go to bed earlier, and it's not really working. I'm usually a good sleeper, but when I go to bed early I wake up REALLY early (so early it's late) and start obsessing about dumb things (last night/this morning a whole section of my brain could not let go of the idea that I needed to add applesauce to the shopping list... which I still have not done). I blame working out less because we aren't training for anything right now--the 5k we ran on Sunday was the furthest I'd run since Thanksgiving. Surely walking to work, yoga, spinning and a bit of running ought to be enough?

Anyway, the upside (and reason I refuse to think of this as insomnia) is that it means more knitting time. This morning I finished the sweater I've been designing for Schaefer (ends woven in and everything!). So now I just need to measure it, block it, and write up the directions--since it spend weeks as a body and 1.5 sleeves, this is great progress.

The sweater is made from Susan, Schaefer's sport weight cotton, in the Lillian Gilbreth colorway. So naturally, once I had a nap and got up for real, I wound a muffin of Laurel, the worsted weight cotton, also in Lillian Gilbreth. This one's going to be a sweater for my sister. It's possible I'll need a break from Lillian, but for the moment I'm just amazed at how chunky this yarn feels after the sport weight.

And last night at SnB I made all kinds of progress on the unphotogenic gloves for Kevin--now I have 2 unphotogenic fingerless mitts awaiting fingers and thumbs, rather than 1 mitt and .5 cuffs. Sadly for Kevin this means I'm about to ask him to try them on every couple of rows, but at least he's getting gloves out of the deal.

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