Monday, December 10, 2007

A Picture Only a Knitter Would Love

I didn't go to MA again, so I had to some time on Saturday to try to take pictures of the new shawl.

I think I'm OK at the very close up arty ones--that drive knitters crazy actually, so I take back the title of this post--but my attempts to show the whole thing were a disaster, more or less.


It can't be entirely my fault (New Haven is not the most photogenic city in the world, after all, and the shawl was the same colors as the park), but I'm impatient, my fingers were getting chilly, and my models (tress, benches, fences) were acting like divas.

On the other hand, this might make a good Christmas card--you can just about see the pine tree beneath the shawl.

Is this distracting you from my lack of pictures of other projects? Because that was my goal... I'm also working on a sweater for Schaefer Yarns (except for the pictures, that's all I did on Saturday, so I'm suddenly halfway through the yoke, rather than partway up the second sleeve--it has bottom-up raglan construction), the shawl for my sister, the STR/marigold socks for me, and now gloves for Kevin.

This is one extra project than is usual for me (4 rather than 3), and I'm trying not to feel antsy about it. I've put the shawl and socks on hold till after I finish the sweater or gloves, because they're "due" later. (The gloves are for Kevin--once he offered to try them on constantly to be sure they fit, I couldn't let him keep wearing free gloves from road races, could I?) (Oh, and a sweater for my other sister I haven't started yet... but it's thicker yarn, and she wants elbow length sleeves, so that will be completely fine).

But they're black stockinette stitch, and the sweater is smushed by the needles, and as we all know, I'm lazy about taking pictures anyway---so just act like you're distracted by the shawl, OK?

Oh! Heidi and I went so spinning on Sunday for the first time since the summer, and I made all kinds of progress on the purply-blue wool from Rhinebeck. Hurray! I could take pictures of that too, huh?

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