Friday, December 14, 2007


So I've been wanting to make a 2-colored chevron scarf--like the one everyone makes from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, because I continue to be a lemming. (Plus, I really liked knitting the variegated plus solid feather and fan scarf I made as a freebie for the Garter Belt, and it's really similar.)

The two candidates in my sock yarn stash are:

Option 1

Socks that Rock in Lenore (from the STR club) plus Spunky Eclectic sock yarn in Irish Dreams (from the Woolgirl Sock Club... apparently, I should have joined a scarf club!)


Option 2

Same Spunky Eclectic plus Yarn Yard sock yarn from a trade

I'm leaning toward the STR because the purple/black color looks more like my gloves and hats and whatnot--the yellows and browns of the other would definitely be an exception in my knitter outerwear wardrobe. (Somehow, this isn't a problem for socks.)

Or maybe both options match too much? Some people have used completely non-matching colors, but maybe I want my colors to match better since my yarns are less similar? What do you think?

Not that this is really a pressing question--I have plenty of knitting to keep me amused for the next few weeks! But there's all that Christmas driving to plan for!

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Annie said...

Definitely the first color combo. I want to make that scarf, too. Are you taking things from my Ravelry favorites?? Nah, I think I'm a lemming,too.