Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not Socks

So, I wasn't distracted by socks, but I did start a sweater Tuesday night. I'm still on-schedule (because of course the second I gave myself a goal, I spontaneously developed a schedule... why am I not this motivated about work?) to finish the purple shawl in time for the CT Sheep and Wool Festival (or Woolen Sheep festival, as my mom would have it). Because the schedule is going well (86% finished as of last night!), I'm toying with some kind of insane plan to finish and block it in time to show it to my friend Anne on Saturday, when we meet up to knit at Webs. This insane plan would involve staying up all night tonight, finishing tomorrow morning so I can block it before work, then unpinning it before bedtime so we have somewhere to sleep. See? Insane.

In addition to the sleepy-at-work-tomorrow factor, I'm pretty sure that trying it would cause me to make catastrophic errors, so I'm trying not to think about it. Speaking of catastrophic errors, I dreamed that I'd dropped a stitch, on what in my dream was this shawl, even though it looked different. In my dream, the dropped stitch made the whole section below it unravel into a gigantic triangular ladder. It was one of those dreams where you know you're dreaming but keep forgetting, so I'd panic, then remind myself that it was a dream, forget, and panic again. Lovely.

Maybe I should think about the sweater instead! I'm using some Schaefer Laurel that I had in stash, with a little texture pattern (I'm trying to combat my natural tendency to knit everything in stockinette, then wish the fabric had some texture right as I'm finishing... most annoying!). I'm knitting the sleeves and upper bodice from elbow to elbow, then picking up stitches and knitting down to the waist/hips. If I have enough yarn, that is. It's the same yarn and colorway (Lillian Gilbreth) as my Coachella and the sweater I knit my sister for Christmas, and I had 4 skeins to start with: 1 for Coachella, 1.25 for Anna's sweater... I think I should be able to knit a elbow-length sleeve sweater out of 1.75 skeins, don't you? Even if the sleeves are loose?


Annie said...

Will it help if I absolve you from this goal? I'd rather have you awake and chatting. Although if you accomplish this and fall fast asleeep I will just drape you with your shawl and talk anyway.

I myself will no doubt be knitting an interminable felted bag out of Cascade 220. I am starting to have issues with felting. All my lovely little stitches will disappear! It's a great pattern, though, the Bravo Bag.

jennsquared said...

Oh boy. You have quite a dilemma!!! At least MY deadline isn't as bad!

bookwoman said...

If you're getting fitful sleep anyway, dreaming about shawl catastrophes, would you lose anything by staying up and finishing it?