Monday, April 28, 2008


Kevin does like the bunny now that he's seen her nose (and since she hasn't chewed on anything yet, AND doesn't recoil in panic when you look in her general direction... Previous Bunny was a little skittish).

How could you not like that nose?

I am sort of leaning towards Muppet (or maybe Moppet? Conveniently shortens to Mopsy!), because her ears are kind of muppet-y. The one small problem with this is that I didn't actually watch the muppets. So instead of thinking of the real muppets, I think of the year my elementary school class put on a play in which the muppets were on General Hospital (scarily, several of the girls in my class watched General Hospital in elementary school).

I was a chicken, and the boy I had a crush on was the Swedish Chef. The stage was set for him to fall madly in love with me, naturally, except that my wings weren't as good as the other chickens' wings. They (or, I suspect, their parents) cut out big wing shapes from cardstock (two for each arm) , stapled the edges together (leaving one side open), glued paper feathers on the outside, then stuck their arms inside and flapped around. I cut out feather shapes and scotch-taped them to the sleeves of a white cardigan--every time I moved my arms I nearly molted as the tape pulled away from the sweater.

(Next time, I swear I will actually write about knitting! I finished the first sock--the pattern is going to be available, Karen, both here and linked to the Brooklyn Handspun store--and am inching along on the sleeves and upper bodice of a summer sweater which I may or may not have mentioned before, and I still need to take better pictures of the shawl... which I brought to the CT sheep and wool festival but didn't actually wear since it was pretty warm. Also, in non-knitting news, I am so, so, so glad that I did my LAST! LONG! RUN! before the marathon yesterday, because it is gross and chilly and rainy today. And I learned to erg, in preparation for learning to row, on Saturday and did not make a complete fool of myself!)


Annie said...

I love the name. And for all we know, Mopsy's name really was Moppet.

Actually, more than a Muppet, those ears remind me of someone or something in Star Wars--Yoda????

jennsquared said...

That is very cute. He/She is one cute bunny!

bookwoman said...

I like Muppet. And you're right, you can't not love that nose.

You're going to start rowing? Enjoy! It's a lot of fun.

Cindy G said...

Ow, moulting in front of a crush. There's no trauma like childhood trauma.

I am reduced to inarticulate "Awwww"s every time you post a bunny picture. What breed is she?

Baby Beth said...

Her ears are rather Yoda-ish but I think Moppet works great.

Where are you learning to row? I've always wanted to be on a rowing team but since I didn't really go to college that never happened. haha

Oh, also, I have a sock question for you. I hope you'll be at SnB tomorrow.

Kate said...

Hi. Annie's sister here. For no apparent reason, the second I saw your bunny I thought of "Henrietta."