Friday, April 18, 2008

And I Didn't Even Stay Up Very Late

I was a very speedy knitter at lunch yesterday, and decided that being done by this morning was totally do-able. And it was, see?

Not that you can really see anything! I need to remember that my camera screen is much brighter than a monitor (at least, than my monitor at work, which I'm lucky displays color), because when I looked at this picture on my camera, I turned down the flash! And the rest of the pictures are completely unusable as a consequence.

But I did finish it last night at midnight, even through the last hour or so was very slow going... the knitting went fine, but I got this idea that I could look for a spring cardigan pattern on Ravelry at the same time, and it turns out that overall progress is slowed when the knitter is also looking at a screen (I need to look when I knit lace, don't you?), and using her hands to mouse (pesky non-automated knitting needles!). I mostly avoided catastrophe, although slightly earlier in the evening I'd had to knit, tink, and reknit half a row (once the rows were a manageable 120 stitches... I would have been very cranky if they'd been longer) four times because I suddenly forgot the pattern. Which I'd knit 12 times, and by that time had only 2 "real" rows every 8. Argh!

It's blocking now, and I'm faced with a new dilemma. I definitely have enough yarn for the border on the long edge (to review, I'd assumed I wouldn't, since I started with a bit less yarn than the pattern called for, and my early knitting progress vs. yarn used calculations weren't very promising). It's a knitted-on border, kind of leaf-y, about 16 stitches wide--and I can't decide if I want to do it or not. (Don't worry Annie--I won't try to do it by tomorrow! But maybe next weekend.)

I have this idea that I hate knitting knitted-on borders (I think it's based on my actual hatred of I-cord), and as a result, I've only knit them twice, and both were very short (I think one border was 6 inches and the other 18). I didn't hate them, but this one is much longer. I don't have the directions in front of me, but I think they start "pick up 238 stitches along long edge of triangle," or something similarly dispiriting.

But maybe I don't actually hate knitting knitted-on borders--I was sure I hated colorwork, but then I didn't. In this case though, I'm also not sure I want a fancy border along the upper edge of the shawl--that edge tends to get very squished, and maybe it would just make me sad because it wouldn't stay blocked?

It's a quandary! Try to live with the suspense and I'll report back after I wear the shawl a bit.


bookwoman said...

It looks absolutely lovely in its blocking state. How big is the final product?

Sunflowerfairy said...

It looks good. Really good.

Have fun today.


(Just kidding)

Cindy G said...

Beautiful. Wonderful color. (For some reason, I think knitting on edgings is really fun, but I have no idea why that is.)