Friday, April 25, 2008

Let's Pretend

...that this is the same color as my previous sock pix, okay?

(That's what you get for taking camera-phone pictures inside!)

This is the new and improved pattern, without the gigantic invisible problems from the last version. I had an essay to read (for work), so I took a longer lunch than usual and read and knit at the same time, and have partly turned the heel. It's toe-up, and I'd usually do a short-row heel, but I'm trying a modified Cat Bordhi-style toe-up heel from New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I say modified because I put my increases in the usual place, and because I don't have the book with me so I'm making up my own numbers, not following a master pattern. I can always revert to a short-row heel, but it seems to be working so far.


bookwoman said...

Thank goodness the invisible problem is gone. Love this one too!

jennsquared said...

You sure you didn't magically change the color of the yarn? ;) I really like this stitch pattern too.

weeble wobble said...

it's beautiful, it makes me want to learn how to knit socks!

Sunflowerfairy said...

Did Heidi make it through the night ok? Did Kevin fall instantly in love like we did?

C'mon! Show photos!! You know you want to. ;)

Karen said...

Who cares about the color - the stitch pattern is beautiful! I hope it turns into a pattern to share - especially if it has some Cat Bordhi highlights involved. It could be the sock pattern of the year.

And I bet they will be comfy and warm too.