Saturday, February 2, 2008


Wait, wait, wait! The wrap cardi was knit entirely pre-hand injury. Since then, my output (especially considering that, theoretically, I can knit), is much less impressive.

One secret blue thing:

(This is actually the second installment of blue things; the first one is shy.)

One cinnamon roll:

I mean, one base for a felted wreath... Suddenly, I really want a Cinnabon, don't you? I think there was another brand of gigantic cinnamon bun at the mall nearest my college, and those were tasty too... Maybe something like monster bun? Wait! Cinnamonster! Yum!

Anyway... the upper front of a vest:

And a couple more inches of sock. The sock feels like it goes really slowly (really?) and I'm not sure about the pooling situation, so I've started a hat (knit flat! So silly, but I need it to be on long needles), using some yarn my sister brought back for me from Peru.

The yarn is kind of thick and thin (in a good way), so I'd usually knit it up loosely to show off the texture. But this particular skein was broken is a couple of places, so I decided to double it and knit a hat to hide the joins on the inside. It's really soft and I love the depth of color so I'm really looking forward to knitting up the other skeins into something drape-y.


jennsquared said...

I like the blue thing-y! I can't wait to see the Peru yarn you are using. It looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

That blue thingy looks soft and cuddly like a baby blanket. Just wondering.....Mother-in-law Marlene.