Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Sign of the Four

Ignore the blurriness, and please excuse my taken-with-cell-phone-at-lunch photo. Look at the striping:

This is in no way the yarn's fault--I decided to try some calf shaping, so the sock starts at 72 stitches and decreases to 68. But it's still annoying, especially since I like the top (lower ankle and start of foot--that random yarn in the middle is for an afterthought heel), where are the colors are mixed equally, much more than the bottom (upper cuff).

But I can't decide how much I care. Enough to snip a thread, separate the 70- and 72-stitch portions, unravel them, then reknit the cuff on 68 stitches (I think I can do it so the yarn goes in the same direction and I won't have to graft anything--it's just that the thought of undoing almost all of the one-handed portion gives me pause), or just enough that I'll leave it alone but be glad the cuff is mostly covered by my pants?

For the moment, I'm going to keep knitting, since messing with the cuff the way I've planned won't affect the foot. Maybe once I have more of the good stripes it will be more obvious how much the bad stripes will stand out.

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jennsquared said...

I think it looks fine. But the most important thing is that if YOU think it looks fine :).