Monday, February 4, 2008

Blogging for Just a Second at Work

To say that I'm just back from the doctor and HURRAY! I can sleep without my splint! And I can start typing (and KNITTING!) with my 2 exposed fingers and thumb! And start running and yogaing again (carefully, not doing any yoga poses that put weight on my hand, and not falling down... maybe I will stay away from biking for a little while longer)!

And starting next week I get to take off the splint when I'm typing/reading/knitting/otherwise sitting still!

I think this calls for celebratory cookies, don't you?

(Naturally, because I am a big knitting dork, my second thought after HURRAY! was should I keep working on the socks from yesterday, return to the socks I put on hold when I broke my hand, then come back to yesterday's socks, or alternate? But really, who cares? I get to knit with 2 hands! YAY!)