Thursday, February 21, 2008

No Matter What!

Kevin and I are signed up to run a half marathon on Saturday. So of course the weather for Friday to Saturday morning is looking dire: ice, snow, freezing rain and overall ickiness. And the race director just sent out an email with a cheerful subject line: The Race is on No Matter What. He suggested that we bring our yak tracks (snow tires for sneakers, basically). Of course we have some, but yuck! We've only used them once before, to slog through a nor'easter to get to the gym (the roads were closed, and the snow was too deep to run, what else were we supposed to do?).

Let's think about something more pleasant, shall we?

I'm done with some more socks, and this time I managed to take pictures! But not of the striping cuff wackiness, which I decided to live with (on the grounds that these are just socks, and I tend to wear my pants as long as possible anyway). The stripy part is Spunky Eclectic something or other in the Irish Dreams colorway from the Woolgirl sock club, and the toes and heels are Socks that Rock in the Lenore colorway. I haven't made complete socks out of Lenore yet, but I'm fairly certain I'll have plenty left--those skeins are generous.

I also finished the purple handspun vest, but didn't take any pictures (and if I wear it one more time, Kevin will laugh at me, so pictures will have to wait a bit). That leaves just the felted wreath, of the many (for me) projects I had going when I complained that my broken had was giving me startitis. However, I'm officially setting it aside while I try not to procrastinate on several projects with deadlines: designs for a sweater and socks for Schaefer Yarn and a baby surprise jacket. Naturally the jacket is going the fastest, since I have plenty of time for that.

Speaking of broken hands, as of Monday I don't have to wear my split any more! I'm not supposed to support much weight on my hands (leaning is fine, but no handstands), pull too hard (I open heavy doors with the other hand), or play basketball (finally! an excuse for being tall and hating basketball!) for a few more weeks, but otherwise I'm back to normal. And the doctor said that knitting is good therapy for strengthening that hand again! Perfect--medically recommended knitting!


Annie said...

Outstanding! I hope the doc gave you a note explaining why you have to knit all day, every day, forever. Think of how nice work would be if you could do that!

knitseashore said...

I really hope that they cancelled the race because the roads are buried in snow, for your sake. Much better day for knitting than running!!

The training races start next month; last year at this time we had snow and I don't know how the guys could race in the cold like that.