Sunday, February 17, 2008


Heather (superwash wool, silk and possibly nylon blend from Schaefer Yarns. There are 9 skeins within 4 feet of me,, but I am too lazy to go look at a label to check the exact content). Anyway, Heather seems to be machine washable, I repeat, machine washable!

I knit the cutest little swatch of all time, and washed it (in cold water, on a regular clothes cycle, but in a mesh laundry bag). It still looks fine and is the same size. Naturally, I didn't take any pictures.

This means I can machine wash the red socks I just finished (which I also haven't photographed). And the other 9 pairs of socks I'll have eventually. Yay! It will probably shorten their life somewhat, relative to carefully handwashed socks, but that's actually a good thing: it will save me from needing a larger sock drawer. And given the carefully configured storage situation, we would probably need to move in order for me to have a larger sock drawer.

(Also, I met someone at SnB who took a class that used a textbook my dad wrote. She loved the book, and even asked my dad to sign it at a conference. I'm fascinated by my dad's secret life as a professor, and wish I'd snuck into a big lecture he was teaching when I could reasonably have blended in with the undergrads. Now, the knitting would give me away immediately...)


jennsquared said...

machine washable definitely is a plus. I'll have to ask for some of those after I completed the swatches project... Do you like Heather or Anne better?

Cindy G said...

Machine wash is good, very good. (I sort of swore off socks that require hand washing).

What is your Dad's subject area?