Monday, June 11, 2007

Yarny Weekend

On Saturday, three other SnBers and I met near the green in Hew Haven for World Wide Knit in Public Day--we'd planned to meet on the green, but it was raining so we moved inside. We knit in public regularly (although not in that location), but I don't usually have such a good view of the passersby and their double takes. It's pretty impressive how easily people forget that windows work both ways, when there's something unexpected happening on the other side! We didn't attract any new knitters, although we did talk to an alumna in town for the weekend (it was Reunion, part II), who was knitting in another part of the cafe.

Then on Sunday, Heidi and I went to Cold Goats Farm, home of one of the women in our spinning group, for the monthly meeting. Instead of camnesia (when you forget to bring your camera, and/or bring it but forget to take pictures), I decided not to bring my camera because I never seem to use it anyway, so go see pictures here. This is only the second time I've been to a spinning group meeting, and I was reminded how much more patiently I spin when other people are spinning around me.

And how peaceful spinning noises are--industrious, but at a human speed (although just imagine how incredibly fast spinning on a wheel must have seemed compared to spinning with a drop spindle when they were new technology!). I really like New Haven, but it was still nice to visit a more rural setting, with chicken sounds instead of traffic sounds. Just visit though--I don't want to give up my walking commute and the convenient proximity of pizza!

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