Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Race Pix

So here's Kevin before and after the race. Not surprisingly (I don't have the fastest reaction time, hate drawing attention myself, and like to keep out of other people's way) I'm a terrible sports photographer. He's a little blurry even when he's standing still!

I'm also not so great at identifying people in crowds, especially when they're wearing a wet suit, goggles and swim cap (the color of the cap should help, but the race gives out color-coded caps to identify the waves). Waving at me and yelling my name doesn't help much either. (A friend of ours calls this "bad crowd vision.")

And here he is at the end of the bike, before the great shoe debacle. By the way, Kevin's feet are fine, except that he has bruise on one heel where he landed hard on a rock.

The last drawback to me as a spectator is that I'm cheering impaired. Other people jump up and down and scream--I clap and grin. On the bright side, there are hardly any spectators, so even my pathetic cheering is noticed (did I mention how many of the cyclists thanked me for clapping for them on Sunday? Many, many, many of them--including one guy who said "hey, you ran a long way yesterday!" because he must have seen me doing my long run the day before, and another who asked how my husband was doing as he zipped by--that's how few spectators there were! As far as I know (it's possible that I'm also bad with names), I'd never met either of them.


Annie said...

Well, it's my personal belief that everyone should wear nametags, always, except possibly in their own homes. (Although that might be required in large families.)

Do you work on a sock while standing at the side of the road??

Sunflowerfairy said...

When I first started to like Dave I went to one of his hockey games. He told me he was on the blue team. So my friend and I sat down and watched the blue team, cheering and clapping...when he suddenly came through the door. Yeah, he was on the other ice, I totally missed his game and he had time to shower and come look for me.

And you think you have bad crowd issues? Remember that my husband is 6'2" and bright red hair before answering that question. lol