Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Andrea Argosy

On the drive home from NH, I finished the lacy Argosy I've been working on--largely unblogged because of the blobiness of pre-blocked lace. Here it is after I blocked it. While it was blocking, it was about 18 x 60-something, but in use (I wore it yesterday), it got longer and thinner.

I'm not entirely happy with it--the pattern is terrific, but I think my version passed right by light and drapey to limp and wimpy. I suspect there were too many factors making it drapey: the pattern is knit on the bias, silk yarn has very little memory, and the gauge is very loose. Whatever the reason, it was a little bedraggled by the end of the day, and the points were on the verge of disappearing. I blocked it a little lazily (I soaked it, then spread it out and tugged on the points, but didn't pin them in place), so the points weren't that defined to begin with. I'm going to try reblocking it with pins (when I blocked my swatch, I used pins), and maybe it will perk back up. Failing that, I might try to hang it (maybe on some kind of frame? It matches the house...) rather than wearing it.

I have about half of the 1093 yard skein left, and I definitely need to ply it with something else, or knit something that will be a little more supported than a scarf--even a triangular shawl would be held open over the shoulders when being worn.

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