Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good Days for Mail

This week has been great for mail! On Tuesday, I received a box of Schaefer Yarn as payment for my designs, and then yesterday the lace yarn I won in a fundraising drawing appeared. The camera battery died before I gook pictures of everything (and now we can't find the charger, although it must be around somewhere), so here's part of it.

Meet Martha (a wool, angora, cashmere blend), in the Julia Child colorway. I have 4 skeins, which is 1320 yards total--I don't exactly remember what I was planning to make when I picked this yarn, but it's gorgeous (and I have more, in the Greenjeans colorway). I wear a lot of brown, especially to work, and none of my attempts to make the a versatile brown sweater have quite worked out. My best effort so far is Loll, from the Rowan Calmer Collection (scroll down). But the front edges roll (I think I need to sew some ribbon on the inside), and the sleeves are a little tight to wear over another layer. Which is generally a good idea, when wearing cardigans to work. So maybe the sweater I make out of this will be the answer?

Next up, Laurel (all cotton) in the Elizabeth Blackwell colorway (I love that Cheryl names the colors after female pioneers... half the time, I can feel proud of myself for knowing who they were already, and the rest of the time I learn something I should have known already. I think I remembered Elizabeth Blackwell from a children's biographical series.) I have 4 skeins of this one too, which is 1600 yards! I'm not sure about what to do with this one, so it may marinate in my stash (now up to 9.5 miles, thanks to 3.5 miles of yarnful mail in 2 days) for a bit. A second skein of the same yarn, but in the color called Lillian Gilbreth, which is very light came as well, but pictures will have to wait till the charger turns up.

As will photos of the prize yarn, which is beautiful and so, so soft.


Debby said...

Thanks for sharing photos of your new yarn, as well as the photos of Kevin a few posts back. Shaefer always has the prettiest colorways! I have a curly mohair from them that I am dying to knit, once I decide what to make with it.

I've posted a bunch of GYGIG photos if you're interested. We are also planning a July 4th ride to Long Island if you'd like to join us. Details are being worked out. :)

jennsquared said...

oh yeah... I had a good day in mail too :) Now we can go to Farmhouse Yarn and I actually got Yarn Money from Farmhouse! Yippie!

jennsquared said...

COOL! Now there are 4 of us - you, me, Heidi, and Phoebe! We'll have to all come to the same SnB in order to compare notes... so what yarn/beads are you using???