Friday, June 1, 2007


I forgot to say, for the local SnB people, that I'm going to miss this weekend too, because Kevin and I will be in New Hampshire for his first 1/2 Ironman of the year (he's doing a second one in August), the Mooseman . Cross all your extremities that it doesn't rain too hard during the bike.

This yarn, by the way, is spun from the red and purple batt from Grafton Fibers that I bought at the CT sheep and wool festival. I wrote about it right after the festival, and I clearly remember taking a picture of it... but the picture has vanished. Maybe you've seen it--it shows the batt coiled into a snail shell shape, sitting in the corner of a park bench?

By the way, Annie, I'm not counting my handspun in my yarn mileage till I start knitting with it, because some of it is folk art, not yarn.


Annie said...

Oh, I have no problem with the folk art (excuse) explanation.

As a matter of fact, I'm quite a patron of the arts myself. I'd be happy to help you find space for your exhibitions at any time. :)

Debby said...

Good luck to Kevin this weekend!

I love the folk art idea. Too bad I don't spin. But maybe patronizing the dyeing arts of others will count? :)