Friday, June 8, 2007

Funny Coincidence

Hey, did you notice (in the comments on my post about Kevin's half Ironman) that my sockapalooza pal's husband also just did a half IM in Kona? What are the chances of that, do you suppose?

(Review for non-knitters: Sockapalooza is similar to a Secret Santa gift exchange, but with handmade socks. You sign up, provide your foot measurements, color & fiber preferences, and are matched with two people: one makes socks for you and you make socks for the other. You don't know who's making socks for you during the knitting phase--that's revealed when you get your socks.)

Speaking of sock pals, my pal requested vibrantly colored socks in a non-nylon yarn. She mentioned Socks that Rock as an example of yarn she really likes, but she decided not to sign up for this year's sock club. Would it be weird to use sock club yarn to make her socks? I wouldn't have picked the colorway with her in mind, but she said she generally loves their colors. Am I being generous or lazy/cheap to think about making her socks out of the yarn she hoped for, in a color that's not widely available (except for all the other club members--but remember that she didn't sign up for the club), but that I kind of had already, and didn't pick for her?

The totally unrelated picture shows some more of my recent handspun--this one is merino and silk from Times Remembered, which I bought at the CT sheep and wool festival. As I recall, there were 4 oz, and I spun about 200 yards (or maybe about 250 yards--for some reason the number 246 springs to mind).


Baby Beth said...

I say use the Socks that Rock yarn. She mentioned that she would have signed up, right? And she did say that she likes that yarn. I think it would be a really nice gift. And you KNOW she'll like it.

Emily G said...

I'm with Beth - she likes the yarn and if the colorway is not widely available, it makes the socks extra special.


Roobeedoo said...

And they were right! Great yarn choice Rebecca!